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Hello all, my name is Martin Prior and I am based in the beautiful City of Bath, Somerset. I specialize in Clipper blade sharpening, that’s all types of clipper blades, Horse, Dog and Barbers. Also sharpening just about anything from Kitchen knives to Chainsaws.

I have specialist machinery that I use for things like the clipper blades, circular saw blades,  chainsaw chains, chisels, plane irons and more. Please look at the price page to see what I do sharpen. I offer a local pick up and drop off sharpening service, so…shears, knives whatever needs sharpening, why pay for expensive replacements, give me a call and I’ll have them sharpened as good as new or even better.

If you have something that you can’t see listed please contact me and I shall endeavour to help you out. Tel: 01225 859 801



Blade Sharpening Services

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All enquiries please call 07901 808873 or use the contact form


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